RoboCup@Work Rules

Participation in the Competition

Participation in RoboCup@Work requires successfully passing a qualification procedure. This procedure is to ensure the quality of the competition event and the safety of participants. Depending on constraints imposed by a particular site or the number of teams interested to participate, it may not be possible to admit all interested teams to the competition.

Steps to Participate

All teams that intend to participate in the competition have to perform the following steps:

  1. Preregistration (may be optional; currently by sending email to the TC)
  2. Submission of qualification material, including a team description paper and possibly additional material like videos or drawings
  3. Final registration (qualified teams only)


The qualification process serves a dual purpose: It should allow the TC to assess the safety of the robots a team intends to bring to the competition, and it should allow ranking teams according to a set of evaluation criteria in order to select the most promising teams for a competition, if not all interested teams can be permitted. The TC will select the qualified teams according to the qualification material provided by the teams. The evaluation criteria will include:

  • Team description paper
  • Relevant scientific contribution/publications Professional quality of robot and software Novelty of approach
  • Relevance to industry
  • Performance in previous competitions Contribution to RoboCup@Work league, e.g. by
    • Organization of events
    • Provision and sharing of knowledge
  • Team website

Team Description Paper

The Team Description Paper (TDP) is a central element of the qualification process and has to be provided by each team as part of the qualification process. All TDPs will be included in the CD proceedings of the RoboCup Symposium. The TDP should at least contain the following information in the author/title section of the paper:

  • Name of the team (title)
  • Team members (authors), including the team leader Link to the team web site
  • Contact information

The body of the TDP should contain information on the following:

  • the focus of research/research interest
  • description of the hardware, including an image of the robot(s)
  • description of the software, esp. the functional and software architectures
  • innovative technology (if any)
  • reusability of the system or parts thereof
  • applicability and relevance to industrial tasks

The team description paper should cover in detail the technical and scientific approach, while the team website should be designed for a broader audience. Both the website and the TDP have to be written in English.

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