RoboCup 2024 – Call For Participation

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Call for Applications for Participation RoboCup 2024 – RoboCup at Work Venue: Eindhoven, The Netherlands Monday, July 15th through Monday, July 22nd, 2024 RoboCup at Work: Competing for the Factory of the Future RoboCup at Work is a league of the RoboCup competition that replicates the use of robots in autonomous, industrial scenarios. It aims to promote research and development that enables the use of innovative mobile robots with advanced manipulators for cutting-edge industrial applications. Such applications include complex tasks ranging from manufacturing, automation, and parts handling to general logistics, as well as interaction with human workers. The RoboCup at Work league is characterized by an industrial environment. This consists of manipulation objects including nuts and bolts, arena elements such as shelves, bins, and platforms of different sizes, and…
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RoboCup@Work New Webpage!

As part of the RoboCup IT infrastructure changes, we have been given a new space under the domain. We will be progressively updating this page. New content will be added over time and we will try to complete the transition before RoboCup 2019!
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