RoboCup 2019 – Call For Participation

Call for Applications for Participation RoboCup 2019 - RoboCup@Work Sydney, Australia 2 - 8 July RoboCup@Work: Competing for the Factory of the Future RoboCup at Work is a league and competition in RoboCup that targets the use of robots in work-related, industrial scenarios. It aims to foster research and development that enables the use of innovative mobile robots equipped with advanced manipulators for current and future industrial applications, where robots cooperate with human workers for complex tasks ranging from manufacturing, automation, and parts handling up to general logistics. The RoboCup at Work league is characterized by an industrial appealing environment composed of industrial objects such as screws and nuts, shelves, containers, platforms of various sizes and networked automation devices such as conveyor belts, drilling machines, and others. The actual competition…
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